Episode 6

Episode 6 - Blending Americanos

In our 6th & final episode of the season, we see Abhimanyu and Kanika meetup. Starring Sonam Singh as Kanika and Pavan Bhatia as Abhimanyu.
We often meet someone who we feel is imperfect but sometimes they are actually perfect. We enjoy their company whether or not our interests, likes and tastes match. Would you be able to live your lives with such an imperfectly perfect person? Sometimes, its more about making the moments of life perfect. (Click on the image or scroll down to view the video)

Directed by: Keya Gupta
Produced by: Puglet Productions (Anila Gupta)
Written by: Keya Gupta & Lakshhya Sharma
Edited by: Sandeep Kurup ( SK Studios)
Director of Photograhy: K. Nirmal & Rishabh Gupta
Associate DOP: Dhirendra
Music by: Krunal Shah ( Kambay Studios)
Assistant Editors : Rohan Ghadi, Amit Joshi & Rohith Krishna
Associate Director: Lakshhya Sharma & Prashant Upadhyay
Sound Recordist: Om & Aditya
Making by: Pavan Bhatia
Sketch Art by: Gurudayal Rajaram Pancheshwar
Poster Design by: Pavan Bhatia
Production Assistants: Abid Khan, Ayush Nathani, Prashant Upadhyay & Surabhi Ransingh
Location: Cafe Pefe, Lokhandwala, Andheri West
Equipment: Bless Films
Marketing & Public Relation: Pavan Bhatia

Special Thanks: Sarang Vechalekar ( Sitarist )
Sankalp Sharma ( Ohh My Dog )
Nitin Nachnani ( Vivaahgraphy )
Sandeep Kurup ( Narrations )