HUMTUM.COM is one of our first web-series. Our objective was to create something really entertaining. We had been toying with this idea since a while and now that we were able to materialize it, we are really glad it was so well accepted by you, our viewers. Thank you so much for all the love. Please feel free to go through all the episode pages and leave your comments on our social media channels.

Our First Season of HUMTUM.COM is complete, let us know your thougts and feedback and we shall be delivering a second season and something new very soon.

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Episode 1 - When Abhi Met Jo!

What happens when you are all set to meet the match of your life, but you meet the mismatch of your life. Can a mismatch lead you to your best match? Confused? Watch all the episodes of HUMTUM.COM to figure who's the best match and meet your match through the mismatch.

Episode 2 - Not My Cup Of Tea

Not everyone likes tea, and not everyone likes coffee. What really happens when you try to have a bit of both at the same time? Something similar happens when the North meets West in our episode titled, Not My Cup Of Tea.

Episode 3 - Aafat Ki Pudiya

Have you ever had a conversation with someone where you really didn't get if you are doing the talking or the hearing? And if you did get to talk, what exactly would you say? Watch the video to know more.

Episode 4 - Chuski Baaton Ki

When you meet someone over a cup of tea. The tea ends but the chatting doesn't. Watch the video to know more.

Episode 5 - Sapno Ki Rani

We all have a romantic dream of meeting some one true bollywood style. Can the dream come true with HUMTUM.COM? Watch the video to know more.

Episode 6 - Blending Americanos

We often meet someone who we feel is imperfect but sometimes they are actually perfect. Would you be able to live your lives with such an imperfectly perfect person? Can the dream come true with HUMTUM.COM? Watch the video to know more.